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How many friends does a creek need? All it can get! Meet the nice people behind Kids on the Creek animations and sounds. These friends really care!

Marin County Stormwater Pollution Project (MCSTOPP)

Marin County Fish & Wildlife Commission

NorthBay Watershed Association

Kids are creative!
Recorded on safari...!
  • ON SAFARI:  "Fingers UP! "

  • ON SAFARI:  "Can I hold the mic?"

  • ON SAFARI: "Recording Water"

  • ON SAFARI:  "Jogger & Dog Run By"

  • ON SAFARI:  "Was that a goose?"

Kids on Wild Sound Safari!
Kids care
about creeks!

Hear about ways to care for your backyard creek from kids who love them. (Recorded on Wild Sound Safari) Kids care!

Kids are smart!
Use less water. The water you use in your house means less water for habitat that wildlife depends on. Plant native plants. Natives provide natural food and shelter for animals -and save water, too. Help your neighbor. Learn what the creeks and wildlife near you need to be safe & healthy. Be a silent sleuth. Creeks are home to special animals who need calm and quiet to survive. Teach others. Share what you've learned. Be a *best friend* to creeks and wildlife everywhere!


How many ways can you love a creek? Here are five easy ways to make a difference.  Kids are smart!

Celebrate community with the animals who call our urban creeks home.  Mouse over any little box below to discover a  haiku.  Kids are poetic!

  • PODCAST: "Down Creek Dogs"

  • PODCAST: "Up Creek Cougars"

  • PODCAST: "Up Creek Steelhead


  • PODCAST: "Down Creek Deer"

The challenge: Take a wild sound safari to a local creek. Pretend you're a silent sleuth as you listen to sounds all around you. What do you notice? Fish can hear what's inside and outside of the water. What might a fish hear on your creek? Here's a microphone. Record it! If you were a fish, what would you most fear? What would make you happy? What can you tell other children about caring for creeks and wildlife?
Kids On The Creek!
Kids teaching kids about creeks through story and sound